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i-Series - Android
Widescreen aspect ratio 10"/15"/22


i-Series - Windows

Widescreen aspect ratio 15"/22"


01/02 Series

Widescreen aspect ratio 3202L


Widescreen aspect ratio 4202L


Widescreen aspect ratio 4602L


Widescreen aspect ratio 5501LT
Widescreen aspect ratio 5551L


Widescreen aspect ratio 7001LT


Embedded Computer Module




  Touchtech Lima


Standard aspect ratio Standard aspect ratio
Widescreen aspect ratio Widescreen aspect ratio


EloView is a secure all-in-one solution for remote content deployment and device management. Whether you need to push new content to a device or simply change the screen brightness with EloView you can view what’s playing, adjust the volume, check for software updates, and even reboot the device, all without leaving your desk.

With Elo's dashboard, everything you need to keep your devices running smoothly is right at your fingertips.
- CPU Monitoring - Monitor any device’s CPU usage in real time. Track user activity to ensure your content reaches your audience.
- Device Status - Receive notifications regarding device health. If a device goes offline, you’ll be be the first to know about it.
- Now Playing - View active screenshots of the content currently playing on your devices.
- Location - View active screenshots of the content currently playing on your devices.

Remote Management
Full control of your device settings from anywhere in the world. With EloView, adjusting the brightness of a device in New York from your office in California has never been easier.
- Device Settings - With EloView you have the power to adjust your device’s settings such as volume and brightness.
- Software Update - Remotely update your devices as new software updates become available.
- Data Reset - Restore your device to factory defaults, and wipe any locally-stored content.

Elo Interactive Devices
Choose the devices that work best for your customers and environment.
- Small, Medium and large screens (10” to 70”) - all in amazing HD
- Multi touch technology for an engaging and reliable touch experience – from the inventors of touch screens
- Consumer-proof performance with rich interactive content and gesture capable
- Support for external devices and peripherals

The ability to manage your platform from anywhere in the world is a massive game-changer. EloView revolutionizes the way you interact with your customers by providing you with real-time control over every aspect of your device. By removing the need for on-site management of your devices, EloView will give you more time to focus on what’s most important – Your customers.

Content Deployment
Complete control over what’s playing on your devices. With the content library, changing what’s playing is as simple as drag-and-drop. Upload your content, push it to your device, and sit back because it’s that easy.

Content Library Elo's content library allows you to upload, edit, and push content to any of your devices.
- Content Types - With EloView, you can upload any Android Application or website to your library.
- Deploy Content live - Deploy content to any device instantly, without the need for a reboot.
- Now Playing - See what’s playing on any device in real-time. Change it with a simple drag-and-drop.
- Zero Downtime - Everything can be done with a live device, removing any need for downtime.

Secure Portal
With a locked-down solution, you can rest easy knowing that your content will not be disrupted. Elo's tamper-proof hardware and secure portal will leave your business with peace of mind.
- Content Fallback - Provide an uninterrupted experience for your viewers by setting a default content fallback.
- Password Protection - Both devices and accounts are password protected. Device passwords can be changed remotely.
- Data Reset - Remotely restore your device to factory defaults, and wipe any locally-stored content.

CMS Integration
An open platform for integration with CMS and POS partners. With a locked-down device, you can rest easy knowing that your content will not be disrupted. The security of EloView will leave your business with peace of mind.

Secure Devices Elo's CMS Partners can rest easy knowing that EloView is a completely secure system.
- Locked Down - Elo's OS is secure, and Elo's hardware cannot be tampered with.
- Kiosk mode - Elo's devices have no home buttons or status bar, removing the ability to compromise the experience.
- Peripherals - EloView has support for secure peripherals integration and upgrades.
- Managed OS - Updates available for future Android OS versions.

EloView Online Elo's locked-down solution will help you rest easy knowing that your customers will not be disrupted. Elo's secure portal and devices provide you with complete control.
- CMS Portal - CMS partners can upload applications directly to EloView’s secure CMS portal.
- Content Control - Partners select the apps to be delivered to the individual or group of devices.
- Device Provisioning - CMS player and local settings are automatically installed once the device is online.


For more information on EloView, visit the EloView website.


EloView is available on the I-Series range of Elo Interactive Digital Signage models and also comes as standard on the new Android Embedded Computer Module (AECM) available for all 32", 42", 55" and 70" IDS units.


For more information on EloView and the products it can work alongside, please contact us for more information.


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