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Elo offers the widest selection of commercial-grade Android devices for enterprise use cases. Whether you are deploying a POS system, self-service application, mobile computer, nurse station, price checker or automation control system, Elo has a reliable and secure edge compute device.

77% of multinational corporations prefer to use Android-based hardware and over 65% of professional sports stadiums in the USA run Android-based point-of-sale hardware from Elo Touch Solutions.  Go Android with Elo and you'll have everything you need to build and operate business solutions with Elo’s commercial-grade Android devices - easy to use development kits, robust management tools, world class life cycle management and security. Deliver the convenience and familiarity of Android interfaces in a secure, business-friendly way.

Not only has Android taken the consumer world by storm with billions of users globally, but it is also leading the way in enterprise compute solutions. Companies on the leading edge of digitalization are using Android to improve interactive experiences and realize development synergies.

EloView functionality, built into all of their Android-based devices, makes it easy to secure, manage and deploy an entire fleet of Elo mobile and fixed interactive solutions using a single unified architecture.

For more information, or to discuss Elo's mobile devices further, please contact us.

EloPOS for Android

I-Series for Android

Mobile Computers

PayPoint POS

Compute Engines

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