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Elo Touch Solutions offer touchscreen solutions for a variety of healthcare applications from patient check-in and nurse stations to medical devices and telemedicine equipment.

Elo's range of 03-Series Medical-Grade touchmonitors merge best-in-class touchscreen technology with DICOM Part 14 functionality to help enhance clinical review for healthcare providers whilst increasing patient engagement.  With a compact form factor and sleek design, Elo's touchscreen medical monitors are well-suited for EMR documentation, image viewing, clinical collaboration, medical self-service, deployment within the laboratory and pharmacy and for integration into medical devices.

With a full line of touch technologies and display solutions, Elo can help develop and customize products for almost any medical device including ventilator monitors, anesthesia monitors, medical diagnostic displays, medication dispensers, healthcare kiosks and more.

From operating rooms to patient rooms, laboratories and anywhere healthcare is provided, Elo products are well-suited for medical applications where consistent and long-lasting quality and touch performance are critical.

The Elo brand is synonymous throughout the world with rugged, reliable products.  As inventors of touchscreen technology in the 1970's, Elo remain the most sought-after, and most widely used, touchscreen manufacturer in the world.

If you need help choosing the right touchmonitor for your application, or require additional information or assistance, please contact us.

Elo Medical-Grade Desktop Touchmonitors

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