Elo Touch Solutions 2294L / 2295L
21.5" Open-Frame Touchmonitor

The Elo 2294L and 2295L 22-inch open-frame LCD touch display features a slim design and narrow outside dimensions due to the state-of-the-art, energy-saving LED backlight, using less electricity to operate and generating less heat.  This compact touch display is designed for touch, with proven Elo expertise and reliability built in.

The 229xL provides stable, drift-free operation with outstanding image clarity and light transmission - for accurate touch responses and vivid images. Featuring a brilliant wide viewing angle panel, the open-frame touchscreen instantly grabs and holds the users’ attention for kiosks, casino and amusement, retail self-service, and industrial automation environments.

The new Elo 2295L model features a high-brightness display panel ideal for use in outdoor or public areas.

The touchscreen is sealed against dirt, dust and liquids, which simplifies integration into the final enclosure.  Projected capacitive (PCAP) units can be sealed into a solution and obtain an IP65 rating on the front side of the unit. With the design and tooling being controlled by Elo, long-lasting product availability can be expected as well as backwards compatibility where possible to help minimize additional enclosure costs.

Available with a choice of industry-leading touch technologies, in single-, dual- or multi-touch technology, including IntelliTouch® single- and dual-touch surface acoustic wave (SAW), and our latest multi-touch TouchPro™ PCAP two-glass solution (2GS) technology has a zero-bezel that delivers both a 10-touch tablet-like experience along with two-touch thru-glass functionality - both modes support single or dual latex gloves as well as cloth gloves. 


  • 21.5" display

  • Choice of industry-leading single-touch IntelliTouch® surface acoustic wave (SAW), dual--touch IntelliTouch® Plus SAW or TouchPro™ PCAP two-glass solution (2GS) touch technologies

  • 1920 x 1080 optimal resolution

  • Wide viewing angle display panel - 178° x 178°

  • VGA, HDMI + DisplayPort video inputs

  • External power supply (not included, available separately - see below)

  • Wide range of mounting options

  • Sealed touchscreen

  • Worldwide agency approvals

  • Three year manufacturers warranty

Our Price*
Elo 2294L


Elo 2294L (Rev B) IntelliTouch®, Serial/USB, Antiglare



Elo 2294L (Rev B) IntelliTouch® Plus, USB, Dualtouch, Clear



Elo 2294L (Rev B) TouchPro™ PCAP, Zero-bezel, USB, Multitouch, Clear


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Mounting Solutions


Elo Front-mount bezel kit for 22-inch IntelliTouch models



Elo Rackmount bezel kit for 2243L / 2244L / 2293L / 2294L IntelliTouch® / IntelliTouch® Plus models



Elo Replacement flush-mount bracket set for 2243L/2244L/2243L/2244L IntelliTouch ZB / TouchPro™ PCAP models


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Power Supplies


Elo Power supply w/UK power cord



Elo Power supply w/EU power cord



Elo Power supply w/US power cord