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Choosing The Right Mobile Computer

Many companies are just now realising the benefits that can be received from equipping staff members with the latest mobile computers. Mobile computers help to make daily tasks easier and able to be performed with more efficiency, flexibility and accuracy. Not only do they benefit the company, they also make the user experience for customers much better by providing staff with the correct information right when they need it.

In today's day and age, we have all gotten used to having every piece of information right on the tips of our fingers, which is why people expect no difference when they enter your store or restaurant. Having your company outfitted with the latest mobile technology is the perfect answer to this modern-day problem the companies are now facing.

So, how can mobile technology benefit your business?

You can check out, anywhere

The covid 19 has pushed an urge for smooth transitions while being in-store; it also pushed social distancing, which was difficult to attain if you had many people in one area, for example queueing to pay for goods. This forced retailers to look for other options when it came to checking out products rather than the standard cash register or till.

Mobile devices are able to allow you to check out a customer anywhere and at any time, preventing a build-up of customers in one area and energising the entire payment process in your store.

Click & Collect

In recent times, the purchasing process of an item that you need has changed exponentially. Companies are making the process easier and easier, and for some, that means click and collect. You can order your items online and then simply collect them from the car park or storefront. What began as something for stores and customers to become safer during the covid 19 pandemic has stuck around as something that people have found great convenience in; getting the right mobile computer technology can make this whole process a lot smoother.

What should be kept in mind when choosing a mobile computer?

The design of the device - Firstly, you need to ensure that the device you choose is right for the environment in which you work. For example, if the device is going to be primarily outside, look for one that is weatherproof. You should also ensure that the device is well-made, shock-proof and durable.

The device has versatility - Similar to the business itself and the staff who run it, your mobile computer should be able to handle a wide variety of tasks and operations. From inventory and warehouse management to price checking and returns, get a device that can do it all.

Some of the best devices will also come with added features like a built-in camera for barcode scanning or built-in technology for making and receiving payments.

The device is built to last the day - The last thing you need on a busy day is for your mobile device to decide it needs a break because the batteries have run out. Ensure whichever device you choose has a long-lasting battery that will comfortably see out the day, or ensure you have spare batteries on hand that can simply be externally charged and swapped in; that way if you do run out of power, you're almost immediately good to go again.

Choose a device that integrates smoothly

We can't stress enough that, as a company, you need a device that can handle a multitude of tasks, regardless of the environment it is in and who is operating it. Mobile computer devices that have been built specifically with your business's functionality in mind will offer a much better return on investment when considering the time it could potentially save you in day-to-day operations. Choosing the right device will also allow you to continue to serve your customers in the best way possible and ensure they stay returning customers.

When considering mobile computers for your business, ELO's M50 should be regarded as high on that list. It is an enterprise-grade mobile computer that can complete a range of tasks is easily operated. It has a sturdy 5.5-inch HD Touch Display screen, is powered by Android 10 and has an easily swapped battery to keep you going throughout the day.

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