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The Benefits of Touchscreens

Updated: Sep 4

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One of the biggest benefits which touchscreen technology has to offer is its direct interaction with the user and the device. Whether it be a smartphone or tablet device, touchscreens are now a part of every day life.

Here are some of the benefits which we see that touchscreen technology has to offer. Get in touch with us for more information or to arrange a demonstration so that we can show you how touchscreen technology could benefit your business and also answer any questions or queries you may have.

Touch screens allow you and your customers to work faster

With the right hardware in place, touchscreens can help you or your customers to work better and faster. We say 'with the right hardware' because we've all come across those in-store self-serve touchscreens where you repeatedly stab at the screen to try to press a button or select a letter from the on-screen keyboard often without success before walking over to the counter. This is a bad use of touchscreen technology, one where the company have invested in low-grade, poor quality touchscreens which are not working better or more efficiently for the end-user.

Done properly, with the right level of investment, touchscreens help devices operate better and faster, without the user having to navigate a mouse around the screen resulting in a more intuitive, quicker and responsive system.

Elo have been making touchscreens since the Seventies and were, in fact, the inventors of the touch screen. Their brand is acknowledged as one of the global leaders in the industry and their products are used throughout the world.

Touchscreens are easy for all to use

Touchscreens are designed to be easy to use for everyone. Those who may have little or no experience of interactive solutions should still be able to cope with the interactive technology.

With the use of a touchscreen, accessibility is simple. Users can easily access menu options and, from a design point of view, you can change the sizing of buttons to whatever suits your needs. Touchscreens are incredibly valuable for anyone who has limited physical capabilities, allowing them to carry out the same tasks as others with ease.

One of the most important benefits of touch screen technology is the improved accessibility it provides for people with disabilities. People with impaired eyesight can zoom into digital signage, increasing the size of text and images, and they also benefit from voice technologies that can read text out loud.

Touchscreens come in all shapes and sizes

Whilst you might think screen size would be a restriction, touchscreens come in all shapes and sizes, no longer restricted to phone and tablet size. Elo Touchscreens come in display sizes from 7-inch to 65-inch with a wide range of choices in-between. It is also possible to cater for requirements up to 98-inches with the use of an overlay frame making ANY display device or surface interactive - even a wall or a mirror!

Integrating a touchscreen and a computer system also means less cabling and a neater, tidier display solution.

Touchscreens allow for 24/7 access

The use of touchscreens allows for a round-the-clock service. Car parks, train stations, airports and many more locations can benefit from touch screen kiosks and ticket machines that operate day and night. By using touch screen kiosks to provide a 24/7 service, you improve service for customers and boost revenue in unattended locations.

Elo Touch Solutions products are renowned for their reliability and the majority of their products are designed for use 365/24/7 with a runtime usage of 50,000 hours of service.

Touchscreens offer a durable and easy to clean service

The screens behind touch technology are typically made from glass or similar surfaces making them easy to clean - ideal for public environments. A good quality touchscreen should be able to be wiped clean with an anti-bacterial wipe or a hardware-based UV cleaning solution for greater protection against Covid-related transmissions.

Cheaper is not always better

These days, some laptops and home computer systems come with touchscreen displays but these are not a suitable quality for use in public, commercial or industrial environments. These screens, known as consumer-grade, are not designed for regular, heavy usage. Standard computer monitors, laptop screens and televisions are your prime example of this and are generally lower in price to purchase but unlikely to last as long or offer a business-level of service and longevity.

A commercial-grade display is designed for regular, heavy usage. They can often run 24/7 and handle heat generation better. A three-year warranty is often standard on many touchscreen models but we've seen touchmonitors in daily use for over ten years and still running as well as they did the day they were purchased. They may cost more initially, but in the long-run they are a much better investment.

TOUCHSCREENS DIRECT have been selling touchscreen hardware for almost twenty years, and we have considerable experience in the field. We deal with all markets and industries, from single-use requirements to volume requirements of up to 1000 units in a single order.

Whatever your interactive display requirements, call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155 or email us at

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