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Elo's TouchPro® Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology offers a fast and sensitive response matched with professional-grade reliability in a stylish, sleek no-bezel design. Elo's projected capacitive touchscreens are designed for the rigours of commercial applications.


Elo’s PCAP solutions offer pristine optical clarity, high touch durability and long term stability over temperature. TouchPro solutions are available from 5-inch to 80-inch with up to 40-point multi-touch capabilities and zero-bezel design.


The TouchPro product line offers a complete PCAP solution including touch screen, controller, drivers for various operating systems and software utilities resulting in shorter development and integration time. The complete integration guide provides guidelines to simplify integration and avoid typical issues such as EMI from sources such as the power supply or LCD screen.


Elo offer a wide range of customization options to meet customer requirements including screen dimensions, cover glass thickness, LCD bonding, branding and surface treatments such as anti-glare.

TouchPro Projected Capactive (PCAP) touch technology

  • Excellent optical clarity

    Fast and sensitive touch response

    Long-term stable operation over temperature

    Can be used with fingertip, gloved hand or passive stylus

    Multiple simultaneous touch point detection

    Long product life

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