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Simplify access control and visitor management for employees, visitors, students and patients with Elo's new wellness-check access control solutions. Elo's modular platform enables easy deployment of a wellness questionnaire using EloView and a temperature reader providing real-time checks for self-service employee and guest screening.


The Elo Access solution is available in a Standard configuration comprising of an Elo i-Series Android-based touchscreen solution offering a customisable wellness questionnaire check to validate access or in a Premium offering which includes temperature checking, facial mask detection, email notifications and private mode for QR/printable results. Combine with an Elo Wallaby countertop stand or freestanding floor stand for a complete self-service solution.


Whether for access control, self-service, wayfinding or almost any application, you can seamlessly configure Elo's interactive displays to create a tailored solution. Elo's modular platform enables businesses to easily adapt as needs change in the future. The temperature sensor can be quickly and easily removed and either replaced with alternative Edge Connect peripherals or covered over with a supplied blanking plate.



  • E845646  -  Elo Access Temperature Check Bundle*

      * 15-inch Android I-Series 2.0 and Temperature Sensor Pro (software not included)



  • E534879 - Elo Edge Connect™ Temperature Sensor Pro (sensor only)



  • Elo 10-, 15-, 22-inch I-Series for Android
  • Elo 15-, 22-inch  I-Series for Windows 2.0
  • Elo 1002L, 1302L, 1502L, 1902L, 2002L, 2202L, 2402L, 2702L Desktop touchscreen monitors
  • Elo 3202L, 4202L, 4602L, 5502L touchscreen signage

Elo Access™ Solutions for Access Control and Visitor Management

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