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With the Elo Huddle Kit combined with an Elo 32", 43", 50", 55" or 65" large format displays, you can connect employees and partners anywhere in the world. Elo's new interactive video conferencing and collaborative solution is an efficient way to communicate between different locations.


As corporate offices begin to re-open and we move forward, collaboration via video conferencing will be essential in this new hybrid working environment of office-based and remote employees. By pairing Elo’s Huddle Kit with their award-winning interactive displays, I.T. managers can simply add their collaboration software to provide a complete interactive system that fosters engagement amongst users, regardless of location.


Each kit includes Elo’s Conference-grade camera and their high-performance Intel i5-powered ECMG4 Computer Module running Microsoft Windows 10 complete with a pre-loaded intuitive dashboard for easy navigation to the pre-installed whiteboarding and wireless BYOD content-sharing software. The dashboard also allows for quick access to any 3rd party video conferencing and office productivity software.


Simply connect the camera to your Elo 3203L, 4303L, 5053L, 5503L, 5553L or 6553L large format display, slide the computer module into the rear of the display, switch the system on and launch the dashboard software. You'll be online in no time at all!



  • E380925 - Elo Huddle Kit



  • Elo 3203L TouchPro
  • Elo 4303L TouchPro and Infrared
  • Elo 5053L TouchPro and Infrared
  • Elo 5503L TouchPro and Infrared
  • Elo 5553L TouchPro and Infrared
  • Elo 6553L TouchPro and Infrared

ELO Huddle Kit - Conference Collaboration Solution

  • Integrated all-in-one interactive conferencing solution

    Purpose-built for collaboration

    Includes Intel i5-powered computer module and Full-HD conference camera

    Enterprise-grade products, with three year warranty

    Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and many more

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