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The Elo Touch Solutions 1509L 15" Desktop Touchmonitor is an attractively designed wide-screen touchmonitor solution, primarily intended for general applications including hospitality and retail environments. Without compromising the principles of 'built for touch' and high quality upon which the Elo Touch Solutions brand is built, the 1509L has been designed to fit the tightest of budgets.

The 1509L's 15.6-inch widescreen format is intended to save space physically, while offering additional on-screen space. This allows for extra content such as additional sidebar menus, on-screen keypads or additional columns of information. In addition, the widescreen design prevents blocking eye contact with customers and improves customer interaction. 


The 1509L is available with IntelliTouch® surface acoustic wave touchscreens - one of the most-established, industry-leading touchscreen technologies from Elo Touch Solutions. The pure glass construction allows high light transmission without compromising durability or functionality. With no moving parts to wear out, touch response is fast, accurate, and drift-free using a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus. 

The Elo 1509L provides a practical, reliable touchmonitor solution combining leading touchscreen technology with a rock bottom price!




  • E534869  -  Elo 1509L, IntelliTouch



  • E757859  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • E529990  -  Elo Power Supply w/UK power cord
  • E318531  -  Elo Power Supply w/worldwide plugs
  • D82064-000  -  Elo IntelliTouch stylus



  • 758588-000  -  Elo 1 year extended warranty
  • 930057-000  -  Elo 2 year extended warranty

Elo 1509L 15.6" Widescreen Desktop Touchmonitor

  • Lowest cost 15.6" widescreen touchmonitor

    IntelliTouch® Surface Acoustic Wave touch technology

    1366 x 768 optimal display resolution

    VGA video inputs

    Sealed touchscreen

    Worldwide agency approvals

    Two year manufacturers warranty

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