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The Elo Touch Solutions 2201L 21.5 -inch LCD touchscreen monitor offers a flexible, space-saving design. Built to meet the durability and aesthetic requirements for a variety of high traffic retail and hospitality interactive solutions, the 2201L offers built-for-touch reliability with Elo’s three-year standard warranty.


The 2201L is available with a choice of IntelliTouch® surface acoustic wave (SAW) with a dual touch experience or IntelliTouch zero-bezel for an accurate single touch response.


Widescreen displays such as the Elo 2201L are easier to use and incorporate into the workplace than traditional suqare-aspect desktop touchmonitors.  Widescreen format displays allow for extra on-screen content and are quickly becoming the preferred choice in corporate environments for publishing and dual window applications as well as in public venue environments due to their high-definition cinematic-like display experience. 



  • E107766  -  Elo 2201L IntelliTouch Dual-Touch
  • E382790  -  Elo 2201L IntelliTouch ZB (zero-bezel)



  • E757859  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • D82064-000  -  Elo IntelliTouch stylus



  • E180092  -  Elo 50W Power Supply w/UK power cord
  • E571601  -  Elo 50W Power Supply w/EU power cord



  • E898247  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage
  • E898449  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage
  • E898648  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E894921  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E895125  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR

Elo 2201L 21.5" Widescreen Desktop Touchmonitor

  • Sleek and modern design

    21.5" widescreen display

    Choice of IntelliTouch Dual-Touch or IntelliTouch Zero Bezel touch technology

    1920 x 1080 optimal resolution

    VGA + DVI video inputs

    Choice of mounting options - wall, pole, shelf, counter/tabletop

    Sealed touchscreen

    Worldwide agency approvals

    Three year manufacturers warranty

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