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The Elo 02-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed with seamless style across all sizes includes four options — a 19-inch square aspect ratio display and 22, 24 and 27-inch wide aspect ratio displays. With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration, the 02-Series monitors are well-suited for point-of-sale, point of information, signage and hospitality applications. And with a variety of peripherals, the monitors can be transformed to meet the demands of your blueprint.

The brilliant touchscreens with Elo's industry-leading TouchPro® PCAP technology offer wide viewing angles with impeccable image clarity, resolution, and light transmission for accurate touch response and vivid images. With up to 10 touches enabled, the 02-Series Monitors, provide a tablet-like experience. 

Do more with Elo Edge Connect™!  The Elo Edge Connect system offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. Whether for endless aisle, self-order or collaboration applications, you can seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals to the edge of the touchscreen creating a bespoke solution. And, you can add or move them later as your needs change!



    • E351806  -  Elo 2402L TouchPro, with stand
    • E126288  -  Elo 2402L TouchPro, without stand



    • E001002  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)
    • E134286  -  Elo Fingerprint Scanner
    • E393160  -  Elo 2D Barcode Scanner (SE2707)
    • E384627  -  Elo 2D Barcode Scanner (SE4720)
    • E245047  -  Elo 2D Barcode Scanner (SE4107)
    • E644767  -  Elo Status Light (Micro-USB Connectivity)
    • E534879  -  Elo Temperature Sensor Pro
    • E134699  -  Elo 3D Camera
    • E201494  -  Elo Webcam
    • E673037  -  Elo RFID
    • E200465  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico ICMP (I-Series & 02-Series Monitors)
    • E201088  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Verifone E355 (I-Series & 02-Series Monitors)
    • E375343  -  Elo EMV Cradle for MagTek eDynamo
    • E586981  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with Audio Jack, BT and USB)
    • E710930  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with BT and USB)
    • E066148  -  Elo TouchPro PCAP stylus



    • E593661  -  Elo 50W Power Supply



    • E949536  -  Elo Wallaby™ POS Stand (Black)
    • E353758  -  Elo Wallaby™ POS Stand (White)
    • E514693  -  Elo Slim Self-Service Countertop Stand (75mm or 100mm VESA)
    • E515260  -  Elo Slim Self-Service Floor Stand (75mm or 100mm VESA)
    • E143088  -  Elo Wall Mount Kit (75mm or 100mm VESA)
    • E509844  -  Elo Desktop Stand for 2402/3-2702/3 Displays (Black)


    • E901355  -  Elo Backpack® 3
    • E393754  -  Elo Backpack® 4.0 (Value Model)
    • E393359  -  Elo Backpack® 4.0 (Standard model)



    • E898247  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage
    • E898449  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage
    • E898648  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + AUR
    • E894921  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR
    • E895125  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR

    Elo 2402L 23.8" Widescreen Desktop Touchmonitor

    • Sleek and modern design

      23.8" widescreen display

      TouchPro™ Projected Capacitive 10-point touch technology

      1920 x 1080 optimal resolution

      VGA + HDMI video inputs

      Wide range of field-installable accessories including Magnetic Stripe Reader, Barcode Scanner, NFC Reader and Customer Display

      Choice of mounting options - wall, pole, shelf, counter/tabletop

      Sealed touchscreen

      Worldwide agency approvals

      Three year manufacturers warranty

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