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The Elo 03-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed for the Healthcare applications includes four sizes – a 19-inch square aspect ratio display and 22, 24 and 27-inch wide aspect ratio displays. With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration the 03-Series monitors are well-suited for point-of-sale, point of information, signage and hospitality applications.


The new Elo 03-Series Revision-B Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitors merge best-in-class touchscreen technology with DICOM Part 14 functionality to help enhance clinical review for healthcare providers while increasing patient engagement. With a compact form factor and sleek design, the touchscreen monitors are well-suited for EMR documentation, image viewing, clinical collaboration, deployment within the laboratory and pharmacy and for integration into medical devices.


The 03-Series Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitors offer flexibility for installation in a variety of healthcare environments to support increased communication among patients and healthcare providers.


Every model in Elo's 03-Series Medical Grade desktop range of touchmonitors is specifically designed for use in Healthcare environments. Power supplies are IEC-60601 compliant, and the touchmonitor is sealed against dirt, dust and liquids to IP54 rating. An optional privacy screen can also be used as an additional physical safeguard for private health information or sensitive administrative data.


The addition of DICOM 14 functionality helps you to get the image accuracy you need during clinical review with the new range of 03-Series medical monitors. To help ensure healthcare providers and patients can view clear, accurate and consistent medical images, the displays are pre-calibrated from the factory per AAPM secondary display guidelines in compliance with the DICOM 14 GSDF curve.

With a full line of touch technologies and display solutions, Elo can help develop and customize products for almost any medical device including ventilators, anesthesia machines, patient monitoring and medication dispensers. From operating rooms to patient rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, patient check-in and anywhere healthcare is provided, Elo products are well-suited for medical applications where consistent and long-lasting quality and touch performance are critical.  Whether you need a touchscreen at a nurse's station to enable support or as a directory to help patients and visitors get around the healthcare facility, the line of 03-Series monitors can support increased communication among patients and healthcare providers.



  • E659596  -  Elo 2703LM 27" TouchPro, DICOM 14-calibrated, Black
  • E659793  -  Elo 2703LM 27" TouchPro, DICOM 14-calibrated, White



  • E323104  -  Elo Replacement Power Supply (in box)
  • E593253  -  Elo Replacement 65W Power Supply



  • E810917  -  Elo Serial/RS-232 Touch & VGA Video Y-Cable
  • E408193  -  Elo 1.8m Cable kit
  • E001002  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader, black
  • E352392  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader, white
  • E066148  -  Elo PCAP Stylus Pen
  • EE353170  -  Elo Privacy Screen 23.8-inch
  • E352196  -  Elo Monitor Handles (one set)



  • E323104  -  Replacement power supply (in-box)
  • E593253  -  Replacement DC power supply


  • E509844  -  Elo 24xxL(M)/27xxL(M) Desktop Stand, Black
  • E510042 -  Elo 24xxL(M)/27xxL(M) Desktop Stand, White
  • E143088  -  Elo Wall Mount Kit (75mm or 100mm VESA)
  • E043382  -  Elo Shelf Mount Bracket (75mm or 100mm VESA)
  • E045151  -  Elo Pole Mount Bracket (75mm or 100mm VESA)



  • E898247  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage
  • E898449  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage
  • E898648  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E894921  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E895125  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR

Elo 2703LM 27" Widescreen Medical Desktop Touchmonitor

  • Sleek and modern design

    Specifically designed for healthcare applications with IEC60601-1, IP54, UL62368-1, CEC and ES8.0 compliance

    27" display

    10-point TouchPro™ Projected Capacitive touch technology with touch thru support for privacy filters, latex gloves & 3mm cover glass

    1920 x 1080 resolution

    DICOM (14) pre-calibrated

    VGA and HDMI inputs

    USB touch interface with Serial (RS232) touch support via optional VGA connector

    Wide range of field-installable accessories including Magnetic Stripe Reader, Barcode Scanner, NFC Reader and Customer Display

    Choice of mounting options - wall, pole, shelf, counter/tabletop

    Sealed touchscreen

    Worldwide agency approvals

    Three year manufacturers warranty

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