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Introducing the latest addition to the Elo Touch Solutions product range, the Elo M50 - an enterprise-grade mobile computer purpose-built to increase efficiency by putting everything your workers need into the palm of their hands.


The new M50 joins Elo’s robust portfolio of Android-based devices used by world-class retailers, restaurant brands and manufacturers around the globe for applications from POS and self-order to endless aisle and automation.


The Elo M50 is purpose-built to increase efficiency by putting everything your workers need into the palm of their hands. Complete with a 5.5-inch HD touch display with Corning Gorilla Glass, integrated 2D barcode scanner, flexible Android 10 OS (Android 11 supported, Android 12 support pending) and Qualcomm 660 octa-core processor, the M50 handheld computer provides seamless integration, effortless provisioning and simplified device management via EloView® or a 3rd-party device-management platform. From buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store and inventory management to pick-and-pack fulfilment, table service and clinical communication, the Elo M50 enhances productivity in retail, hospitality, industrial and healthcare environments.

Elo’s M50 design is backed by six years of enterprise-focused Android development and leadership.  The Elo m50 includes 12 months of support for OS updates and security patches and Elo's new optional EloCareSM OS 360 package offers OS coverage for up to five years.  New Accidental Damage Protection and Advance Unit Replacement warranty options are also available to protect your investment.


Integrating into Elo's Unified Archtecure profile, EloView allows an entire network of Android-powered Elo devices to be securely deployed and managed from anywhere. From zero-touch provisioning to deploying content and adjusting settings remotely, EloView can help reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. With the on-device application suite, users can leverage Elo Home to deploy a package of apps, Google apps included, and set specific apps available to admins only—all while maintaining a locked-down interface with flexibility to move from one app to another.



  • E862573  -  Elo M50 Wireless, GMS
  • E993091   -   Elo M50 Wireless + Cellular, GMS



  • E863687  -  EM10 Expansion Module
  • E864455  -  Replacement battery
  • E864066  -  DS10 Docking Station
  • E864653  -  4-Slot Device Charger
  • E461816  -  4-Slot Battery Charger
  • E994659  -  HS10 Hand Strap



  • E873133  -  3yr EloCare℠ OS 360
  • E873326  -  5yr EloCare℠ OS 360
  • E672040  -  3yr extended warranty + ADP*
  • E672239  -  5yr extended warranty + ADP*
  • E894512  -  1yr extended warranty + ADP* + AUR**
  • E672440  -  3yr extended warranty + ADP* + AUR**
  • E672646  -  5yr extended warranty + ADP* + AUR**
  • E893726  -  3yr extended warranty + ADP* + EloCare℠ OS 360
  • E893926  -  5yr extended warranty + ADP* + EloCare℠ OS 360
  • E894122  -  3yr extended warranty + ADP* + AUR** + EloCare℠ OS 360
  • E894322  -  5yr extended warranty + ADP* + AUR** + EloCare℠ OS 360

      * Accidental Damage Protection

      ** Advance Unit Replacement

Elo M50 Mobile Computer

  • Elo's first mobile device

    5.5" HD Optically Bonded display

    Qualcomm 660 2.2GHz processor

    8MB RAM, 64MB storage (expandable via MicroSD)

    Corning Gorilla Glass

    Embedded 1D/2D Zebra scanner

    8MP AF camera

    4000mAh removable battery

    Built-in NFC Reader

    Android 10 with GMS and AOSP options

    Available with WiFi and 4G/LTE options

    USB-C for charging, data transfer and secondary display


    3 year warranty, extendable to five years

    Extended support options via Elo Care and Elo OSCare

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