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PayPoint Plus for Windows is a point-of-sale (POS) solution that delivers unmatched style and function with the power of Intel® Coffee Lake Core™ i5 processing.  PayPoint Plus provides everything a merchant needs including a 15.6" Windows-powered system, a fully integrated 2D barcode scanner from Honeywell, a 3-inch printer from Star Micronics, an encryptable MSR from MagTek, full-sized 16-inch cash drawer and connections for third party peripherals. With a flip-for-signature touchscreen to encourage shopper engagement, this space-saving and commercial-grade AiO is ideal for retail, hospitality, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Whether in a retail or QSR environment, counter space is at a premium when it comes to the POS system. Ensuring that the counter looks inviting and remains functional is of the utmost importance. With its small footprint and attractive design, PayPoint Plus for Windows turns the cash wrap into a beautiful and functional space to allow you to better serve your customers.


The Elo PayPoint Plus for Windows utilizes the reliability-tested performance and security of Intel 8th Generation processors, integrated Trusted Platform Modules, Intel vPro™ and the Windows 10 operating system. For added flexibility, PayPoint Plus for Windows is also available without a pre-installed operating system for those wishing to use Linux SuSE and Ubuntu platforms, allowing businesses to get the solution best-suited for them. Rigorously tested and backed by a three-year warranty, the Elo PayPoint Plus for Windows delivers superior quality and reliability to easily withstand the adverse conditions associated with most commercial environments.


  • E921829  -  Intel i5-8500T 3.5GHz, 8Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, TouchPro, White, 4B/8C, No O/S
  • E833323  -  Intel i5-8500T 3.5GHz, 8Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD, TouchPro, White, 4B/8C, Windows 10


  • E784408  -  Elo White Cable Kit (1 per box)
  • E784803  -  Elo Black Cable Kit (1 per box)
  • E202512  -  Elo Cash Drawer Kit, Worldwide (4 bill/8 coin)
  • E201914  -  Elo Spare Keys 001 (1 set of 2 keys)
  • E202119  -  Elo Spare Keys 002 (1 set of 2 keys)
  • E202321  -  Elo Spare Keys 003 (1 set of 2 keys)
  • E202717  -  Elo RJ45 to DB9 Cable Kit (10 per box)
  • E963646  -  Elo Mount for 1502L



  • E819598  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage
  • E819795  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage
  • E820186  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E820388  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E820582  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR

Elo PayPoint® Plus for Windows®

  • Fully integrated point-of-sale solution

    15.6-inch projected capacitive (PCAP) FHD display

    Intel Core i5-8500T 3.5GHz processor, 8Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD

    802.11b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet, 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x 12V USB, 2 x RS-232,

    Built-in card reader, 1D barcode reader, customer display, thermal printer and cash drawer

    Android 8.1™ Oreo™ w/Google™ Play Services and EloView®

    Worldwide agency approvals Three-year manufacturers warranty, with optional upgrade to five years

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