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Elo's 50-inch, 4K touchscreen display adds interactivity to any environment. Perfect for everything from endless aisle and brand experiences to collaborative meetings, conferencing and whiteboarding, the 5053L offers a sleek, slim design built to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use.


Easily turn the display into a powerful, 50-inch, all-in-one, life-size tablet by adding an Elo computer module. Available with TouchPro (PCAP) touch technology in a choice of anti-glare or clear glass with anti-friction or anti-glare Infrared touch technologies, the professional-grade, large-format display integrates easily into any environment.


Interactive displays expand collaboration capabilities between the presenter and his or her audience, helping deliver concepts beyond what a whiteboard and dry erase marker can do. From retail and entertainment to healthcare and corporate offices, the 5053L is an excellent choice to meet the demands of continuous public use.


The 5053L is compliant with ADA and IBC requirements of less than 4-inch protrusion when mounted with an Elo low-profile wall-mounting kit. The Elo 5053L offers everything you need in a sleek, slim design and is built to withstand the rigors of continuous public use.


Utilise the Elo Edge Connect system to expand your touchscreen's potential by adding an EMV reader, NFC/RFID, MSR, barcode reader or one of many other accessories. With the Elo Edge Connect system, accessories fit flush to the edge of the display for a clean design and extended functionality. On the 5053L touchscreen monitor, you can easily add any combination of up to four Edge Connect products – configuration is up to you and easily changed at any time.


Tranform your Elo 5053L interactive display into a fully integrated seamless solution with the new Elo Computer Module (ECMG4) which slides into the back of the touchscreen display. The new ECMG4 form factor is 47% smaller than the previous ECMG3 model, delivering a lower cost, lower energy consumption mini PC that's easier to install and maintain. Power, video and USB signals pass between the computer module and the display making field installation and maintenance easy with no external cables required.


Pair the flexibility of Elo’s 53-Series models with an intuitive dashboard, seamless bring-your-own-device (BYOD) content sharing and robust annotation and whiteboarding software – delivering employees and corporations countless benefits. Elo’s ECMG4 comes conferencing ready ( with DisplayNote Launcher and Montage as well as Qwizdom’s whiteboarding software included. From increased efficiency to controlled costs – start connecting teams and information in real time to empower better, faster, more reliable decision making and improving the way collaboration works.


All of the xx02L and xx53L digital signage models are also fully compatible with Elo's Backpack compute engine. The Elo Backpack is an Android powered system capable of transforming Elo touchscreens into an affordable, scalable, single-architecture media platform. With its simplified content-delivery and remote-management capabilities via the EloView® portal, the Backpack provides a low-power, solid-state, fan-less computing solution with the capability to simplify deployments and remotely manage kiosks out-of-the-box.



  • E666224  -  Infrared, clear w/anti-friction
  • E666042  -  TouchPro, antiglare
  • E665859  -  TouchPro, clear w/anti-friction



  • E534879  -  Elo Temperature Sensor Pro
  • E134699  -  Elo 3D Camera
  • E201494  -  Elo Webcam
  • E384627  -  Elo 2D Barcode Scanner (SE4720)
  • E245047  -  Elo 2D Barcode Scanner (SE4107)
  • E001002  -  Elo Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • E001004  -  Elo NFC/RFID Reader
  • E200788  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico ICMP
  • E201363  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Verifone E355
  • E375343  -  Elo EMV Cradle for MagTek eDynamo
  • E586981  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with Audio Jack, BT and USB)
  • E710930  -  Elo EMV Cradle for Ingenico RP457c (with BT and USB)
  • E134286  -  Elo Fingerprint Scanner
  • E722153  -  Elo Stand for IDS 03 Series
  • E483757  -  Elo Wired OSD Remote
  • E721949  -  Elo Wall Mount Kit
  • E060080  -  Elo Replacement Cable Kit
  • E727568  -  Elo Passive Stylus
  • E216215  -  Elo Active PCAP Stylus
  • E141067  -  Elo Replacement Cable Kit
  • E227895  -  Elo i5-7500 ECMG4 with No OS
  • E228087  -  Elo i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC)
  • E725044  -  Elo i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC)
  • E898841  -  Elo i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC) with DisplayNote Montage Software
  • E405488  -  Elo i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC) with DisplayNote Montage & Launcher Software & Qwizdom Whiteboard Software
  • E277819  -  Elo Elo Conference Camera
  • E380925  -  Elo Huddle Kit
  • E644767  -  Elo Status Light (Micro-USB Connectivity)
  • E393754  -  Elo Elo Backpack® 4 (Value Model
  • E393359  -  Elo Elo Backpack® 4 (Standard Model)
  • E673037  -  Elo RFID



  • E740135  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E740330  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR
  • E740527  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + OSE
  • E740728  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + OSE
  • E740918  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + OSE

Elo 5053L 50" 4K Interactive Display

    • Commercial-grade display solution designed for commercial-grade environments
    • 50" 4K UHD widescreen display
    • Choice of Infrared (IR) or zero-bezel TouchPro™ (Projected Capacitive) touch technologies
    • True 4K 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution
    • 2x 8W speakers integrated into chassis
    • 2x HDMI, DisplayPort + USB-C video outputs
    • Optional Microsoft Windows computer module or standalone Android compute engine
    • Optional desktop stand and wallmount bracket available
    • Can be used in portrait, landscape, tilt (≤15°) or tabletop orientatio 
    • Compliant with ADA and IBC requirements of less than 4-inch protrusion for wall-mounted products when used with a compatible wall-mount solution
    • Worldwide agency approvals
    • Three-year manufacturers warranty with advance unit replacement (AUR)
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