Elo's new range of Touchscreen Display Modules combine industry-leading touch screens with liquid crystal displays (LCDs) - all in a single embedded solution to help streamline your supply chain and simplify assembly.


The hard-wearing chemically strengthened cover glass with anti-glare treatment makes them well suited for deployment in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments - from factory automation and medical displays to commercial kitchen equipment.


Available in standard sizes ranging from 7 to 15.6-inches and custom options up to 32-inches, Elo’s touchscreen display modules offer superior touch performance in harsh environments, excellent optical clarity, and robust EMI performance.


With Elo's TouchPro Pro-F (Film) PCAP touch screen and chip-on-flex (COF) touch controller bonded to a commercial grade LCD, Elo’s Touchscreen Display Modules deliver reliability that is ready for integration.

TouchPro Touchscreen Display Modules

  • Excellent optical clarity

    Up to 10-point multitouch support

    Chemically strengthened glass

    Cost effective all-in-one embedded solution

    Can be used with fingertip, gloved hand or passive stylus

    Industry-standard LVDS display interface

    Suitable for indoor and semi-outdoor environments