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For customers looking to build their own interactive touchscreen solution, or those repairing existing equipment, we offer a wide range of component products from Elo Touch Solutions.

Touchscreen sensors are the heart of any interactive system.  Getting the right one, which fits over the display panel you are using and offers the most suitable touch technology is key to the systems success.

Certain touch technologies are more suited to specific environments - we can help you to make sure you don't buy the wrong product.

Further information on all of Elo's touchscreen technologies can be found on our Touch Technologies page.

Combine a touchsensor with the appropriate controller card and cables and you've got yourself an interactive touchscreen solution.

We only supply genuine Elo-branded component products to customers worldwide, we do not offer lower-grade compatible or equivalent items.

Dimensional drawings for (almost) all of the products listed below can be found on the Elo website, or contact us for more details and we can provide the relevant paperwork.

Whatever your component requirements, whether it be for a one-off purchase or a regular/volume quantity, call us on +44 (0) 330 555 0155 or email us at to discuss...


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