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TOUCHSCREENS DIRECT sell the entire range of products from Elo Touch Solutions along with a select number of products from other manufacturers in order to provide a one-stop experience for our customers.


Alongside Elo's products, we also offer Epson and Zebra receipt printers, APG cash drawers, ASUS NUC mini PC's and much more.


If you can't find what you are looking for, call us on 0330 555 0155 or contact us for details of availability.

Desktop touchmonitor

Elo Desktop Touchmonitors

Elo's extensive range of desktop touchscreen displays allow any computer system to easily become a fully interactive solution.

From 7-inch to 27-inch, Elo touchscreens are available for almost any application with a range of touch technologies to suit all requirements from retail, hospitality, point-of-sale, medical and industrial automation.

Whatever your touchscreen requirements, we have a solution for you.

Open-frame touchmonitor

Elo Open-Frame Touchmonitors

For customers looking to build an interactive touchscreen solution into their products, Elo's range of open-frame touchmonitors are ideally suited for any integration application.

From 10-inch to 43-inch, including high-brightness outdoor-ready models, with a range touchscreen technologies to suit all applications and environments.

Touchscreen signage

Elo Touchscreen Signage

Engage customers in the best way possible with an Elo touchscreen signage display.


Built to last, Elo's range of touchscreen signage solutions from 32-inch to 65-inch are designed to withstand extended daily use whilst also providing high-quality images and accurate touch response.

Available as standalone solutions or with an integrated compute engine for a complete interactive all-in-one solution, Elo touchscreen signage solutions are used throughout the world by some of the leading brands.

Elo Touchcomputer

Elo Touchcomputers

Where space is at a premium, an Elo Touchcomputer is the ideal solution combining one of Elo industry-recognised touchscreen displays with an integrated computer system - all within the space of a desktop touchmonitor.

Elo have a wide range of all-in-one touchcomputer solutions to suit all applications, from 15-inch to 24-inch, available with or without factory fitted stands and a choice of processors and operating system options.

Point of Sale hardware

Point of Sale

Elo have a wide range of retail-ready Point of Sale solutions for any application.

With a choice of display sizes from 10-inch to 22-inch with a choice of operating system platforms to suit all requirements.

Mobile Pay terminal

Elo Mobile Devices

Carry the power of an Elo touchcomputer in your hand with the range of Elo's mobile handheld devices including the M50 and M60 Pay - a complete point-of-sale payment terminal.

Whether you are accepting payments, taking inventory, supporting curbside pickup or managing an event, Elo’s portable computer offer a solution to effectively run your business.

Elo Backpack

Compute Engines

Enable the full power to any interactive solution with a touch-ready compute engine.

Compute engines are small form factor computer systems designed to be easily installed and maintained, ideally suited for touchscreen applications.

Elo manufacture a range of compute engines designed specifically for use with their own products and we also sell NUC Mini-PC systems for customers requiring a more bespoke solution.

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