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With a wealth of experience not just in selling interactive touchscreen solutions but also selling and supporting I.T. products in general, we don't just shift boxes but we make sure that our customers select the right product for their solution.

We are a complete one-stop solutions provider for many of our customers - from supplying stock at competitive pricing to providing systems which are ready to use as soon as they are delivered.


Through our network of direct and distribution partners, we have access to the widest stocks in UK and throughout Europe.  It is generally recognised that unless a reseller is holding stock themselves, if we cannot source a currently listed product (and sometimes some discontinued ones as well) then the manufacturer themselves are awaiting their own delivery of new stocks.

For products in stock, we normally aim to delivery within two to three working days, although this sometimes may extend up to ten working days for products being supplied on pallets or where they are coming in from one of our European-based partners.

We commonly supply products from the following manufacturers:

  • Elo Touch Solutions

  • Intel / Asus

  • Epson

  • Honeywell

  • APG

  • Ergonomic Solutions

  • PQ Labs

  • Touchtech

  • Lenovo


With over thirty year of experience in I.T. support through our sister company, Rascom I.T., we are able to offer assistance and support to our customers for a wide range of problems.  We can offer remote access support services where required and undertake repairs on many items including touchscreen monitors and computer systems.

We do not handle warranty support for hardware manufacturers directly, all requests for support of this type should be referred directly to the manufacturer but we are happy to assist with out-of-warranty repairs.

Contact us if you require support assistance or you can download our remote support application, provided by TeamViewer, here.


We can offer a range of installation services (UK-only) for customers looking for a complete one-stop service based upon their requirements.  We have a Nationwide team of engineers available to handle touchscreen installations, data cabling, preventative maintenance and much more.

Contact us for more information...


Some of our customers have a specific set of hardware that they want to use for their solutions based upon an agreed configuration making both supply and support easier as everyone can be using the same hardware and software platforms across the business.


We are able to offer bundled solutions comprising of, for example, a specific touchscreen device paired with a mounting solution, receipt printer, barcode scanner etc. such that when a customer places an order we know exactly what hardware to provide and if any specific configurations need to be applied.

Contact us to discuss how we can simplify the process of ordering multiple hardware devices for a specific solutions...


Taking our bundled solutions one-step further, we offer customers taking Windows-based touchscreen devices or computing hardware the option of having all systems sent out to be pre-built to an existing setup (Windows build, specific software installed, application configurations pre-applied etc.) so that when the goods arrive onsite, they are as ready to use as possible straightaway minimising installation time and getting them up and running as quickly as possible.

Contact us to discuss how we can make standardising on a hardware and software platform a simpler process.

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