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Elo Touch Solutions manufacture industry-leading touch components for a broad range of applications from retail point of sale to gaming, hospitality and self-service automation as well as medical-approved solutions.

Retail Point-of-Sale
Designing and manufacturing Point of Sale (POS) terminals is especially challenging due to the environment in which they are required to operate. POS terminals are deployed in locations with variable environmental conditions and subject to continual and harsh usage.


Typical customer requirements include extended image retention, continuous power on, low glare and high accuracy stylus performance for signature capture. Point of Sale is a rather broad category of products. Ranging from signature capture devices to outdoor ATMs, POS terminals must increase durability and readability in order to extend the lifespan of the device as well as be able to function properly in multiple environments.


Elo has over 40 years of POS touch experience and can provide POS designers with a wide range of touchscreen solutions that will meet and exceed most any POS requirements.


Kiosk/Self Service Automation
The Elo touch experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation with over 20 million installations worldwide. The ability to withstand frequent use, resist scratching and increase optical clarity makes Elo’s touchscreens the right choice for an interactive kiosk.


Elo can provide touch solutions that will perform well in extreme environments and operate in a wide range of temperatures. Many kiosks are located outdoors and exposed to extreme heat or cold; this is not an issue for IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave and TouchPro projected capacitive touchscreens. These touchscreens can be designed to function with temperatures ranging from -20° to 80°C and custom touch panels are available for outdoor and vandal-proof applications.


Industrial & Instrumentation
Elo’s touchscreens and controllers are designed for industrial applications and have the ability to operate in a magnitude of environments. Many industrial applications operate in high heat or extreme cold; a touchscreen that will function properly in both these extreme environments is required.


Elo’s wide range of touchscreen sizes and technologies ensure that a touch interface can be designed to withstand the rigors of industrial applications and the harsh environments where these products are deployed. The all-glass construction of IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave (SAW) and TouchPro™ projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens also withstand dirt, debris and chemicals that may come in contact with the interface in an industrial environment. This sleek construction allows for a zero-bezel enclosure which will keep unwanted items out of the device, extending the overall lifespan.


Many industrial environments require protective gloves for safety and these products also provide good performance with gloves. A touchscreen with glove performance allows the user to interact with the equipment in appropriate attire.



The medical instrumentation market is characterised by high reliability, precise design, long life-cycle and quality manufacturing. Elo has been serving the medical market for many years and understands the performance characteristics and specialized certifications required for medical device applications.


Elo’s ruggedised touchscreens and controller products have been successfully integrated in these sensitive, mission-critical applications that have been deployed throughout the world. TouchPro Projected Capacitive touchscreens can provide an upgraded, modern design to medical touchscreen solutions that are high performance and highly durable. TouchPro touchscreens repel liquids and can be repeatedly wiped clean over extended periods without any noticeable wear or performance degradation.



The gaming industry continues to evolve and innovative new games require new gaming machines. The environment in which many gaming machines thrive requires a durable interface that can withstand dirt and debris as well as provide a surface that will not be damaged if a user spills liquid on the screen. Many machines are located within a counter top and a zero-bezel design will assist with the enclosure. A zero-bezel design combined with an all-glass touchscreen construction allows for a tight and durable enclosure that will not be harmed by spillage and frequent use.


Elo has a touchscreen solution for almost any gaming environment and price point. From their robust AccuTouch resistive touchscreens, TouchPro Projected Capacitive touchscreens to their curved IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave products; Elo have a touch solution for any gaming need.



Marine and navigation systems are exposed to multiple environments and require a touchscreen solution that will function accurately in extremely high or low temperatures as well as in varying humidity levels and after extended sunlight exposure. Elo’s TouchPro projected capacitive touchscreen products are ideally suited for extreme environment applications because of their durability, performance and clarity.


Unlike some other manufacturers, Elo's TouchPro touchscreens are integrated using in-house optical bonding services so that the customer is provided with a robust touch solution that is impervious to moisture and perfectly suited for marine applications.

Whatever your Elo requirements, make Touchscreens Direct your first point of contact and call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155.

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