Elo's extensive range of desktop touchscreen monitors are ideally suited for point-of-sale, hospitality, retail and control room applications.

Available in sizes from 7-inch to 27-inch, with a selection of touchscreen technologies and mounting options to suit all requirements.

Elo 1523L desktop touchmonitor

Open-Frame Touchmonitors

Incorporate industrial-grade interactive display solutions into your application with an Elo Touch Solutions open-frame touchmonitor.

Designed for all self-service environments from control rooms, industrial automation, gaming, bespoke kiosk solutions and healthcare.

Digital Signage

Develop innovative interactive signage solutions with Elo's range of Digital Signage products from 10-inch to 70-inch. 

From in-store displays to wayfinding applications, interactive menu boards and collaborative meeting room applications, Elo touchscreens can help to create a high -impact experience to attract users.


Point of Sale

Ideal for all fixed-lane point-of-sale or self-order solutions in Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment and Restaurant environments, we can not only offer an Elo hardware solution but also supply cash drawers, card reader mounts, receipt printers and scanners to compliment your POS system.

Mobile Devices

Put the power of touch into your hand with the new range of Elo mobile devices.  Built upon the Android operating system platform, Elo handheld devices can be used in a wide array of applications including click-and-collect services, pick-and-pack fullfilment, stock management, table service, clinical communications and much more.



We know that one solution does not fit all which is why we also offer a limited range of other products such as PQ Labs Integration and Overlay kits and Touchtech LIMA software.

We also have a selection of bundled solutions using Elo products for specific customers and/or applications.  With our experience in I.T. services and support, we also offer value-added solutions such as cloned system builds.

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