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Touchscreen Signage


Elo's line of interactive touchscreen signage is designed to captivate your audience acting as an interactive billboard and drive significant opportunities for digital display applications and development.

Elo's touchscreen signage displays deliver a professional-level touchscreen in a slim, integrated package.  Designed from the bottom up for retail, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial markets, the Elo signage product line offers a high-quality, interactive canvas for attracting and engaging consumers.

The Elo interactive signage portfolio offers a choice of Infrared or TouchPro Projected Capacitive touch screen technologies on most models incorporating commercial-grade LCD panels giving system integrators, resellers and software developers a high-performance solution for the interactive enabling of large-scale digital displays in high-traffic environments.   Where consumer-grade displays fail to deliver a high-quality consistent display, Elo solutions deliver the best user solution time and time again.

Optional computer modules further optimize media bandwidth and interactivity for the delivery of highly engaging and measurable consumer content with options of both Android and Windows software platforms.

​The Elo brand is synonymous throughout the world with rugged, reliable products.  As inventors of touchscreen technology in the 1970's, Elo remain the most sought-after, and widely used, touchscreen manufacturer in the world.

Touchscreens Direct are honoured to be recognised as Elite-level partners by Elo Touch Solutions, reflecting our own commitment to the brand for over fifteen years.  With our specialist expertise in these products, we help our customers to make sure they purchase the right product for their application and can also supply additional products and service such as protective overlays, separate computer systems and much more.

If you need help choosing the right touchmonitor for your application, or require additional information or assistance, please contact us.


Large-Format Touchscreen Signage

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