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TOUCHSCREENS DIRECT work with a select number of hardware and software partners to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Elo logo

Elo Touch Solutions

Elo is the leading manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, with an extensive range of interactive touchscreen technology in their portfolio, including touchscreen monitors, interactive digital signage, touchscreen computers and POS hardware. Focused on commercial grade products, Elo products are built to last.

Touchscreens Direct are an Elo Elite-level VAR partner which allows us to utilize their industry expertise, product innovation, global reach and capabilities alongside dedicated product support, pricing discounts which we pass on to our customers and lead generation.

Rascom IT logo

Rascom I.T

Our sister company, Rascom I.T., has a wealth of experience in the sales and support of more general computing and I.T. solutions including Intel/Asus NUC (Next Unit of Computing) mini-PC systems, Microsoft Windows operating system platforms, networking hardware and other accessory and peripheral requirements.

Together, we already provide a number of customers with custom-built solutions including clone-build services where we build and prepare systems to an agreed hardware and software specification and despatch these direct to customer premises for immediate usage on arrival.

Displaylite logo


Displaylite is a UK-based company dedicated to providing a range of high-quality, innovative touchscreen products, from touch screen tables, infrared touch overlays, touch compatible Android mini PC’s, and many other interactive solutions.

We have worked with Displaylite for many years, both as a supplier and a solutions partner.

Touchtech logo


Touchtech Lima turns ordinary presentations, brochures, images, websites and more into captivating, interactive experiences.

Showcase your brand, your message and your products effectively with Touchtech Lima. This fantastic touch screen software offers a unique experience for everyone. Explore all your products, services and connect with your brand in spectacular fashion.

Cloudshelf logo


Cloudshelf software connects to your Ecommerce solution to automatically create kiosk and endless-aisle range extension experiences that help secure sales in your brick-and-mortar stores, pop-ups and events by making it easy to promote and sell the product your customers are looking for.

Cloudshelf helps retailers of all sizes to bring the wealth of digital assets they use online to enhance their in-store experience - helping them promote and show the customer the product they are looking for.

EasyOrder logo

EasyOrder (Restomax)

We are pleased to have partnered with EasyOrder to offer a hardware solution for their EasyKiosk platform to integrate their industry-leading self-serve ordering service within an industry-leading hardware solution from Elo.

No longer just a tool for the larger corporations, EasyKiosk enables any restaurant to provide a self-serve kiosk solution to its in-store customers without breaking the bank.

Kofi logo


Kofi are a UK-based consultancy working in the areas of business development, hospitality, eCommerce and payment solutions.


We are proud to extend our partnership wth them alongside EasyOrder to provide leading-edge services to help businesses to grow and develop in what can be a very competitive environment.

Roller logo


Roller provide self-serve kiosk solutions to customers in the leisure industry throughout the world.

Their self-serve kiosks can be used for ticket purchases, check-ins, and information retrieval reducing wait times and enabling attractions to provide efficient, self-directed interactions for their guests through user-friendly and intuitive self-service kiosks.

Partner with us

We are always looking for new partnerships with companies who are looking to offer Elo touchscreen solutions to their own customers.


We can create a bespoke hardware solution tailored to your individual needs which can then be offered as a bundled solution so that all of your customers are using the same hardware and software platform minimising problems and maximising pricing opportunities.

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