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Elo 1502LM Medical-Grade Widescreen Desktop Touchmonitor


The 1502LM Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor merges best-in-class touchscreen technology with critical healthcare features, including adherence to IP-22 and IEC 60601-1 standards. Its compact form factor and sleek design make it ideal for patient entertainment, virtual health, patient monitoring, respiratory and medication dispensing devices, and laboratories.


The 1502LM offers a medical-grade touchmonitor with a crisp 1920 x 1080 display and incorporates a USB Type-C interface that can provide touch, video and power.  By reducing the number of cables required for any set up from 3 to 1, installation and servicing is a breeze.  In case your PC isn’t equipped with USB Type-C yet, you can still use traditional HDMI or VGA to connect to your PC.


With a full line of touch technologies and display solutions, Elo can help develop and customize products for almost any medical device including ventilators, anesthesia machines, patient monitoring and medication dispensers. From operating rooms to patient rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, patient check-in and anywhere healthcare is provided, Elo products are well-suited for medical applications where consistent and long-lasting quality and touch performance are critical.  Whether you need a touchscreen at a nurse's station to enable support or as a directory to help patients and visitors get around the healthcare facility, the line of LM-Series monitors can support increased communication among patients and healthcare providers.

For further information on this product, or to place an order, please call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155 or use our contact page.

  • Patient monitoring

  • Patient check-in

  • Bedside entertainment system

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Pharmacy automation

  • Respiratory devices

  • 15.6" anti-glare display

  • 1920 x 1080 Full-HD display resolution

  • 10-point TouchPro Projected Capacitive technology

  • Horizontal: ±80° or 160° total / Vertical: ±80° or 160° total viewing angle

  • 225nits brightness (typical)

  • 30msec response time

  • 700:1 contrast ratio

  • USB touch interface provides power, video and touch function

  • Built-in speakers

  • IK07 impact compliant

  • IP22 ingress protection (entire enclosure)

  • IEC 60601 compliant power supply included as standard

  • Three year manufacturers warranty

  • E542808  -  Elo 1502LM TouchPro, White, with stand

  • E967255  -  Elo 1502LM TouchPro, White, no stand

  • E542617  -  Elo 1502LM TouchPro, Black, with stand

  • E967064  -  Elo 1502LM TouchPro, Black, no stand

  • Elo BackPack 4.0


Three year manufacturers warranty as standard, extendable to five years as below

  • E898247  -  4 year warranty coverage

  • E898449  -  5 year warranty coverage

  • E898648  -  3 year warranty coverage + Advance Unit Replacement (AUR)

  • E894921  -  4 year warranty coverage + Advance Unit Replacement (AUR)

  • E895125  -  5 year warranty coverage + Advance Unit Replacement (AUR)

  • E066148  -  Elo PCAP Stylus Pen

  • E201494  -  Elo Webcam


  • E143088  -  Elo Wall Mount Kit (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E307788  -  Elo 1302L desktop stand, black

  • E307974  -  Elo 1302L desktop stand, white

  • E043382  -  Elo Shelf Mount Bracket (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E047458  -  Elo Pole Mount – 6 inch (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E047663  -  Elo Pole Mount – 12 inch (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E047864  -  Elo Pole Mount – 18 inch (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E045151  -  Elo Pole Mount Bracket (75mm or 100mm VESA)


  • E048069  -  Elo Floor Stand (75mm or 100mm VESA)

  • E181106  -  Elo 1502LM power supply (IEC 60601 compliant)

  • E214097  -  Elo 1.8m Power USB to USB-C/DC-IN (2.1 mm) cable

  • E214282  -  Elo 3.0m Power USB to USB-C/DC-IN (2.1 mm) cable

  • E752302  -  Elo 1.8m Power USB to USB-B/DC-IN (2.5 mm) cable

  • E763022  -  Elo 3.0m Power USB to USB-B/DC-IN (2.5 mm) cable

  • E210789  -  Elo 1.8m Cable Kit (HD model only)

  • E710364  -  Elo USB-C to USB-C Cable Kit

  • E710549  -  Elo VGA-DB15 to Micro Cable Kit

  • E538507  -  Elo DVI-D to HDMI Cable Kit



Any pricing listed online is correct at time of writing but may be due to daily pricing fluctuations.  We recommend that anyone interested in purchasing these items, or requiring a quote, to contact us in the first instance to get our best pricing and also details of product availability.

As Elo Elite-level partners, we get significant discounts against non-Elite partners and we pass those saving on to our customers.  We can also request additional pricing support from Elo for enquiries of high value, competitive deals against other manufacturers, continuous orders and large Government orders.

We offer trade discount for system integrators, resellers, charities and Government buyers.

For further information, or to place an order, please call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155 or use our contact page.

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