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Elo EloPOS Z10 Android POS System


Built on Elo’s unified architecture, the EloPOS Z10 delivers a powerful, minimalistic design to help optimize checkout in compact spaces without losing inches on your point‑of‑sale terminal. Complete with a 15.6‑inch Full HD interactive display, I/O hub, contained cable routing, Android 10 OS and optional interactive customer-facing display, the EloPOS Z10 delivers one of the slimmest POS systems to the market.


Purposefully architected to fit everything you need at the point of sale into a sleek compact design, offer your customers a point of interaction to review transactions, participate in loyalty programs and see the latest promotions with the customer-facing touchscreen display.

Elo EloPOS Z10 is based upon Elo's new I-Series 4 Slate model, one of the thinnest commercial-grade fixed tablet form factors on the market delivering a stunning design, enhanced durability, increased touch accuracy and brilliant display clarity.

EloPOS Z10 comes with Android 10 and Google Play Services included as standard to create a seamless experience for your customers - from their personal devices to your interactive experiences in store.  Take advantage of the latest, Google-powered features whilst maintaining the added flexibility of EloView to make system deployments and management as easy as as few mouse clicks.

Choose from Standard or Value models depending on your application and take advantage of EloView®, the secure platform for remote content deployment and device management, to make deploying and managing of your the I-Series simple.  Since the I-Series and EloView are designed and tested by the same manufacturer, all the features are in sync and the devices set up automatically when connected. Whether you need to push new content to a device or simply need to change the screen brightness, EloView is ready.  EloView is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to simplify and automate the configuration and deployment of interactive displays across multiple locations. Use EloView to deliver your marketing content and create attractive, engaging, and educational public-facing interactive experiences.  With EloView, you can also set the location (latitude/ longitude) of the device remotely allowing the application to sync with the GPS coordinates and run localized content.

Elo are one of the few manufacturers to design and build the complete solution, with touch integrated from the start. Their robust touchcomputers offer flexibility for diverse environments and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the longest life possible for our product - maximizing your ROI, all backed by a worldwide three-year manufacturers warranty as standard.

For further information on this product, or to place an order, please call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155 or use our contact page.

  • All-in-one interactive solution where space is a premium

  • Self-service

  • Point-of-sale

  • Price checkers

  • Visitor check-in management

  • Industrial automation

  • All-in-one touchscreen display with integrated computer system

  • 10-point TouchPro® (Projected Capacitive) touch technology

  • 15.6" inch display

  • Value models : Horizontal: ±80° or 160° total / Vertical: ±80° or 160° total viewing angle

  • Standard models : Horizontal: ±85° or 170° total / Vertical: ±85° or 170° total viewing angle

  • 280nits brightness (typical) depending on model

  • 20ms response time

  • 1000:1 contrast ratio depending on model

  • Choice of Rockchip RK3399 or Qualcomm Snapdragon SDA660 processors

  • 32Gb/64Gb storage depending on model

  • Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + Bluetooth 5.0

  • Internal speakers

  • Includes I/O Hub offering 4 x USB-A 3.0 (900mA), RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit LAN

  • VESA-75 mounting points

  • Two year manufacturers warranty

  • E398278 + E392786  -  Elo EloPOS Z10, Rockchip RK3399, 4Gb, 32Gb, 15.6", TouchPro®, Android 10

  • E398278 + E391994  -  Elo EloPOS Z10, Qualcomm Snapdragon SDA660, 4Gb, 64Gb, 15.6", TouchPro®, Android 10

  • Elo 0702L (as rear-facing customer display)

  • Elo I-Series 4 Slate for Android


Three year manufacturers warranty as standard, extendable to five years as below

I-Series Slate for Android

  • E873133  -  Elo 3 year OS 360

  • E819394  -  Elo 3 year Warranty Coverage

  • E819598  -  Elo 4 year Warranty Coverage

  • E819795  -  Elo 5 year Warranty Coverage

  • E130329  -  Elo 3 year Warranty Coverage + ADP

  • E130530  -  Elo 4 year Warranty Coverage + ADP

  • E130719  -  Elo 5 year Warranty Coverage + ADP

  • E819985  -  Elo 2 year Warranty Coverage + AUR

  • E820186  -  Elo 3 year Warranty Coverage + AUR

  • E820388  -  Elo 4 year Warranty Coverage + AUR

  • E820582  -  Elo 5 year Warranty Coverage + AUR

  • E131490  -  Elo 2 year Warranty Coverage + AUR + ADP

  • E131674  -  Elo 3 year Warranty Coverage + AUR + ADP

  • E131859  -  Elo 4 year Warranty Coverage + AUR + ADP

  • E132053  -  Elo 5 year Warranty Coverage + AUR + ADP

Z10 Stand

  • E375367  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage

  • E375573  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage

  • E375771  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage

  • E375970  -  Elo 2 year warranty coverage + AUR

  • E376169  -  Elo 3 year warranty coverage + AUR

  • E376362  -  Elo 4 year warranty coverage + AUR

  • E376547  -  Elo 5 year warranty coverage + AUR

  • E066148  -  Elo PCAP Stylus Pen

  • E682436  -  Elo I/O Hub (4x USB 3.0 ports, 1x RJ45 Ethernet LAN (Gigabit), 65W power brick)

  • E153026  -  Elo Replacement 65W power supply​




Any pricing listed online is correct at time of writing but may be due to daily pricing fluctuations.  We recommend that anyone interested in purchasing these items, or requiring a quote, to contact us in the first instance to get our best pricing and also details of product availability.

As Elo Elite-level partners, we get significant discounts against non-Elite partners and we pass those saving on to our customers.  We can also request additional pricing support from Elo for enquiries of high value, competitive deals against other manufacturers, continuous orders and large Government orders.

We offer trade discount for system integrators, resellers, charities and Government buyers.

For further information, or to place an order, please call us on +44 (0)330 555 0155 or use our contact page.

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